"We have worked with JB Construction, and Jeff Bradley in particular, for the past 20 years.  Our relationship has been wonderful through every building, remodeling and repair process we have done.  From sourcing special woods and trims, to finding less expensive alternatives to various choices, to solving problems with installation of antique features, to suggestions about solutions to water drainage problems, Jeff has been a pleasure to work with.  His demeanor is that of a calm, capable and caring friend and contractor.  His prices have been fair and he stands behind his work.  As long as he continues to work, we’ll never use another GC."

Robin & Robert Coleburn

"We met Jeff Bradley when our architect recommended Jeff to build our first Vermont house.  Four houses later we can't say enough about Jeff.  He is conscientious, disciplined, a stickler for quality, timetables and budget.  He has a good "bedside manner" and has an uncanny ability to solve the inevitiable problems that arise when translating an architects vision to reality.  After four houses we would insist on building our next house with Jeff Bradley and consider him a fine friend."

Bob & Nancy Bloch

"Over the past 15 years,  I have worked with (Jeff or JB Construction, or Jeff Bradley) on several projects –residential and commercial in nature. Jeff has always managed the projects to budget, time and quality expectations in a professional, pleasant and thoughtful manner."

RG, Shelburne, VT  

"I am delighted to recommend JB Construction, Inc.
I have known Jeff for many years and was not sure I should hire a friend for my renovation project, despite his good reputation.  This proved to be a non-issue. The crew did a wonderful job and Jeff was quick to address any concerns.  He was happy to come back for any unavoidable punch list items and to problem-solve issues related to the original construction of the house and its utility systems.  Jeff is a fantastic problem solver and I am so glad I used him!"

Frances Foster

"When we moved to Vermont we purchased a house that had been built by JB Construction. The previous owners encouraged us to contact Jeff Bradley if we had any questions or issues about the house. Jeff was great to work with, anytime we needed help or wanted to make an improvement, he was our go to contractor. 
In 2000, we decided to build our own house, JB Construction was a natural choice. Jeff had proven himself to be very efficient, a good problem solver and calm in the face of any challenge. He also had an existing working relationship with our architect, Tom Cullins, which was very helpful, taking the design into and through the construction process seamlessly. Jeff  was cheerful and budget minded throughout the entire building process. Our house was finished exactly when Jeff told us it would be, with no unanticipated expenses or up charges.  It has been 13 years since we moved into our house and Jeff continues to help us in any way he can."

Sheila & Jeff Hollender